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  How long before my account will be activated?
As of right now all accounts are setup manually and will take no longer than 12 hours to be setup. Automatic signup will be available soon.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. You will never be billed more than your monthly fee. The only time you will be billed more is if you use more bandwidth than you were assigned. In that case you will be billed the going rate per gigabyte.

Are there any setup fees?
No. We never charge a setup fee on any of our hosting plans.

When will my monthly payment be due?
Payments are due on the date specified on your invoice. All late payments will be charged a $5 late payment fee. If the account is overdue 7 days your account will be suspended. There will be a $10 reinstatement fee for any suspended account.

Does my site get backed up?
Yes. The software we use does daily backups and allows you to download the back ups as needed.

Is there a contract?
No. Your account is month to month. We don't lock any clients into a contract.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between package plans?
Yes. We realize when first starting out you don't need as many options. That's why we allow you to upgrade at any time. We also allow you to downgrade if you ever needed to. There is no additional fee to do so.

Can I give my password to people I trust?
This is entirely up to you. Please be careful if you give out your password to anyone. If somebody causes any problems with our network and your account was deemed at fault you will be charged a $75 per hour fee for the necessary fixes.

Will my information be given out?
No. We never give out client information. The only time client information will be released is if there is a legal matter in which case we are by law required to release this information to the necessary parties.

What are your DNS servers?
Our DNS servers are ns1.nixhosting.com and ns2.nixhosting.com .

Do you support FrontPage?
Yes. Our servers fully support FrontPage extensions. All accounts come with them enabled.

How often will downtime occur?
Downtime is a very rare occurrence with our servers. The only time you may experience downtime is if our backbone provider goes down. This does not include normal scheduled maintenance .

What is your uptime guarantee?
We offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee. If we fail to meet the 99.5% we will refund you for the downtime. This does not include normal scheduled maintenance .

Will I be notified of scheduled maintenance?
Yes. We will always try and post a note on the main web site. We normally try to give a 24 hour notice. If an emergency was to happen we cannot warn you of the unlikely event. We are greatly sorry if this was to happen but we are sure you would rather us take the time to fix the servers rather than post a note.

Will I be waiting days for a support technician to answer my questions?
No. We answer all support questions in under 24 hours. Depending on what method you use to contact support you can expect a speedy reply.

Do your servers run the latest software?
Yes. We keep our servers up to date to provide more options for our clients. We update as often as possible to keep our servers secure. We generally won't install something if it has a lot of known bugs.

Do you offer web design?
Yes. You can get design quotes by going to www.estudioretina.com . Advanced Web Solutions is a parent company of NixHosting. You can expect the same great service.

Do I have to give you my Name, Address and Phone Number?
Yes. These are all needed in order to have an account set up with us. They are needed for our billing system. They are also needed to protect us if there was ever a legal issue with your account. Your information is already public if you have a registered domain.

Can I get an account just for Email?
Yes. We do offer Email only accounts. We don't have online pricing for this due to the rare need for Email only. If you do need a Email only account contact us using one of the methods from our contact page.